The End Times

Does anybody ever wonder about the End Times anymore? And no, I don’t mean like watching The Day After Tomorrow, or 2012 (the movie). I mean about the times spoken of in Revelation, the last book of the Bible. Does anybody ever think or meditate on that? 

Understandably, it is hard to read that book and not come away either extremely stressed or worried, or extremely confused and skeptical…perhaps even a mixture of both. Revelation is a book of metaphors, analogies, prophecy, and visions. It is a book that is impossible to decipher successfully because God has not yet revealed what the entire book means. Some take it literally, which leads to skepticism by those who do not believe such things as dragons, angels, curses, the stars falling, or heavenly plagues to be real. Others take it all as metaphorical symbolism, meaning that what is said in the book is not meant to be literal, but instead has a second, more philosophical meaning. 

In other words, it is like no other book in the Bible. It is full of mystery, suspense, visions of angels with damning scrolls and demons that scour the earth and end mankind. 

Now, this blog post is not going to be me trying to decipher this amazing, fantastical book. Rather, I am going to take the time to explain why this book is extremely relevant to Christians, and how I wish to make you more aware and focused on what it contains. So although my following thoughts won’t further state the word “Revelation” in them because I will paraphrasing from what I have learned from the book, my thoughts originate with that book in mind. 

Before I dive in though, I will mention here that many are in debate and disagreement on whether the End Times are upon us, are coming soon, are in the far distant future, or a few select believe that they have already passed (the latter which I strongly believe to be false and inaccurate). With the exception of the latter belief, I see these other distinct conclusions to be non-absolute, as no one has the answer to the true timing of the End Times. I personally believe that they are in the near future…not quite upon us, but approaching more quickly than I think people are aware of. Why I mention this is because I believe, regardless of what you might conclude about when the End Times might be coming, it is still important to prepare for them, and to always have them in mind. Although it is important, and often said, that living in the present is important, and even Scripture supports the absence of worrying about tomorrow, it is still vital to meditate and be prepared/preparing (which are completely different from worrying) about the times spoke of in Revelation. 

One more thing worth mentioning is the the debate about the Tribulation times, and whether or not Christians will be present on earth for such times. It is a never ending debate, with both sides having very valid arguments and points. My position on that is this: would you not rather be prepared for the worst, rather than hoping for the best (that God will take us into heaven before the Tribulation times)? Because if one is right about God taking us before then, then those of us who have prepared for those hard times have lost our time, but not our foundation. Instead, for those who are hoping to be spared such trialing times, if they are wrong, they will be in for a long, hard road when they are faced with the realization that they have to go through all that. 

So now to my main point, which ironically will be shorter than all the introduction to it. It is important for the Christian to prepare spiritually for these coming times… especially those who have been polarized in western culture (which includes myself). We are used to a world of comfort, of lack of life and death trials, and have never had to face the decision to deny Christ and live, or die. Yet, these End Times will produce such dire circumstances, and if we have not already committed in our heads and hearts what we will do when such a situation arises, then our foundation will crumble like the man who built his house upon the sand. 

People loose perspective. They get caught up in what this world has to offer them, or tempt them with. They forget the bigger picture: that they have a King to serve, Who is coming back one day, but it will be too late in the moment to figure out how to respond to Satan’s attacks and minions when they threaten ones life. Such a decision must be made before hand, and it must be something a Christian is prepared to make EVERY DAY. 

My advice and counsel is this: be prepared. Christ commands that of us. He warns that those who are not ready will loose their faith and crumble under overwhelming opposition unlike anything western culture civilizations have had to overcome in a personal face-to-face confrontation. The End Times will require much of the current-day living Christians. My question now to you is this: If these events in Revelation started happening tomorrow…would you be ready?

Are you prepared to follow Christ unto death?

A sobering thought, but if you can say yes to that question, then you will have made more rewards in heaven then anything in this life can possible come close to. 

Talk to God about this my friends. It will not be a waste of your time in the present.